Toledo Players Indicted For Point-Shaving


In a move that’s been expected since the scandal first broke in the spring of 2007, three former Toledo football players were among eight men indicted today for conspiracy to commit sports bribery.The football players named in the indictment were Harvey “Scooter” McDougle, Adam Cuomo and Quinton Broussard; three former basketball players — Keith Triplett, Anton Currie and Kashif Payne — and two businessmen — Ghazi “Gary” Manni and Mitchell Karam — were also named in the 20-count, 30-page indictment.Between December of 2004 and December of 2006, the indictment alleges, Manni and Karam paid money to the above-named players to influence the scores of both basketball and football games.  The point-shaving scheme allegedly earned players upwards of $1,000 for their actions during games.In a period between November 2005 and December 2006, for example, Manni and Karam wagered approximately $407,500 on University of Toledo basketball games.”Today’s charges shine a light into the dark corner of illegal sports bookmaking and reveals the unfortunate consequences that the influence of money from betting can have on the integrity of both athletes and athletic contests,” said U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg said.The father of one of the players, Harvey McDougle Sr., expressed shock that an indictment came down, telling that “we thought it was all behind us. He didn’t have any idea.”Law enforcement sources told ESPN that Karam had previously been tied to organized crime in Detroit in the 1970’s, but was never formally charged with any type of crime involving the investigation of a sports gambling syndicate.  However, the agent in charge of this recent investigation strongly intimated that the mafia was at the root of the scheme.”This case is an example of how organized crime can influence intercollegiate athletics,” FBI agent Andrew Arena said.