Meyer: 'I'm Not Going To Notre Dame'


Earlier this week, when Steve Spurrier picked at the scab of the “Urban-to-Irish” wound, we said the Florida head coach would once again be forced to address the issue of his South Bend interest.And now, both Urban Meyer and and Spurrier have.To reset, Spurrier appeared on a radio show earlier this week and — unprompted — mentioned that there is a “rumor going down [in Gainesville]… that if [Meyer] has one more big year, he might be the Notre Dame coach.”That quote prompted yet another wave of speculation regarding Meyer’s future and his long-held interest in the Irish job.It also prompted Spurrier to make a call to Meyer in the wake of the latest “controversy”.”I already talked to Urban about it,” Spurrier told the Gainesville Sun. “I told him not to worry about all that crap. I didn’t worry about it when I was there.”All I was saying to Finebaum was that after awhile a coach wants to try something else. I did after 12 years. He might stay there 20 years. He’s a heckuva good coach. But I called him (Friday) because it became a big deal. I guess it’s a slow summer.”Meyer also addressed the issue, and tried yet again to shoot down any talk of his bolting for Notre Dame at any point in the near future.”I didn’t know what he was getting at,” Meyer said. “Here’s a quote for you – I am not going to Notre Dame. There’s gotta be something else going on in sports. Isn’t there car racing going on?”Now, both coaches — Spurrier in particular — can feign surprise and disgust all they want, but what did the Ol’ Ball Coach think was going to happen?A legendary head coach at Florida digs up an old rumor and expects it to just go away, especially when it involves a coach with the amount of success and national exposure as Meyer?OK, whatever coach.  It’s the media’s fault.Again.