Urban: 'I'm Not Going To Notre Dame. Ever'


At this time last week, Mobile Press-Register writer and all-around sh-t-stirrer Paul Finebaum was loudly pronouncing that “Urban Meyer is probably leaving Florida after the season to go to Notre Dame.”

Finebaum’s reasoning for his line of thinking?  Meyer’s lips had moved when he pronounced he was staying at Florida.  (Get it?  Get it???)

Well, Meyer’s lips have moved yet again, and he has stated unequivocally what his intentions are in 2010 and beyond.

Speaking in front of a group of golfers Saturday at an outing to raise money for a children’s charity, Meyer left no gray area as to what his future holds.

I’m not going to Notre Dame. Ever,” Meyer said according to Pat Cooley of the Gainesville Sun.  “I’m going to be the coach at Florida for a long time, as long as they want me.”

Meyer then turned to a group of four reporters, including Dooley, and told them to put that in the paper.

Listen, it’s understandable that Meyer is upset over the constant Notre Dame speculation — even as he’s tossed his own fuel on the Irish fire — and how it may be used against him on the recruiting trail.  

However, it’s not going to go away.  Especially when the likes of Finebaum and good friend Steve Spurrier continue to bring it up.

And when the likes of a certain Coach Woodcock down in Alabama has forever caused a collective eye roll when it comes to unequivocal statements coming from the moving lips of even the most earnest of college coaches regarding their future intentions.