Trojans win, Buckeyes gag yet again


In a battle of quarterbacks who ain’t quite there yet, Southern Cal’s Matt Barkley kinda sorta got the best of Ohio State’s Terrelle Pryor as the Trojans rumbled into Columbus and came away with an 18-15 win.

The good news for the Trojans is the best is yet to come as Barkley is a true freshman with a very bright future.  Especially if he gets to face a defense coached by someone wearing a Sweatervest week-in and week-out with the game on the line.

The bad news for the Buckeyes is they have a 2009 quarterback teamed with a coach who is stuck in 2002.  Or 1992.  Or 1892.  Or some other time in the past when the word “punt” actually, really meant something other than a derisive jab in a blog.

USC didn’t so much win this game as OSU’s coaching staff lost it.

And by coaching staff I mean Jim Tressel.

From the utterly asinine decision on third and three late in the second quarter to the abysmal decision to not put pressure on a freshman QB in the fourth when it counted, Tressel has proven he can no longer coach against the highest level of 1-A schools.  Not now.  And not since that crystal he hoisted following the 2002 season. 

SoCal is fine, and C-Bus is burning.

There was no excuse for Ohio State to lose this game.  None.

Except for the fact that Pete Carroll knows how to manage his QB prodigy, while Tressel still has no clue as to how to use his.  Or how to deal with one on the opposing sidelines.

While SoCal is dancing their way back to their buses on their way to the airport following yet another Big Ten conquering, OSU needs to take a step back and figure out where they are going as a program.

Yeah, it’s that bad.