Who cares who quarterbacks USC?


Enough already with all the obsessing over who will play quarterback for USC on Saturday at Washington.

Never before has a bruised shoulder been so fascinating to people.


The fact of the matter is that exactly who starts at quarterback is the least important question revolving around the Trojan football team. Unless, of course, you’re one of those worshiping at the altar of golden child Matt Barkley.

If you are, don’t be ashamed. Pete Carroll is kneeling right there with you.

If Barkley’s wing isn’t solid enough to make a go of it on Saturday, so be it. Aaron Corp, who was Carroll’s previous golden child, will be just fine. Perhaps even better.

Then, let’s say Corp, who sustained a small crack to his left fibula on Aug. 10, isn’t able to play for whatever reason, that would open the door for Mitch Mustain. You remember him. He went 8-0 as a starter as a true freshman at Arkansas in 2006.

We’re not trying to be disrespectful to Washington, but Garrett Green could start against the Huskies and USC would still roll to victory.

Who’s Garrett Green? The current fourth-stringer beat out Corp and Mustain in practice one week last season and was Mark Sanchez backup for a game.

Yes, the Trojans are stacked at quarterback (and along the offensive line, and at tailback, and . . .).

USC fans should be more concerned about their punter. Trojan coaches certainly are. Mustain was given a crack at that position in practice on Wednesday.