USF billboard pours salt on FSU's wound


These are not the best of times for the Florida State football program.  Losses on the field, anarchy off it, and now a redheaded Florida football stepchild doing a very public victory dance.

To celebrate its “historic win” over FSU the weekend before last, USF last week put out a commemorative DVD of the victory in Tallahassee.  Now, someone has placed a very visible billboard trumpeting the Big 3 of Florida college football — Florida, Miami and FSU — turning into the Big 4.

While the win over FSU was indeed a big one for the program, the school might want to hold off on adding a new member to the Big Three given the state of the program they just beat.  Then again, some might say it’s about time for the ‘Noles to be dropped from that grouping altogether.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the billboard from USF’s Twitter page:

USF Billboard.jpg

(Tip O’ the Hat: Greg Auman‘s Bullerific USF blog on the St. Petersburg Times website.)