Hatch urges Obama to launch BcS probe


For the better part of nearly four months, little to nothing had been said about the inequities of the BcS after an offseason filled with congressional hearings and potshots being taken at the current system used to crown a national champion.

Then came Monday and the official formation of a political-action committee that will push for legislative action and apply political pressure in an effort to create a playoff system.

As if in direct response to that, the Associated Press reported last night that the BcS is looking to hire a full-time “point person” to deal with the barrage of criticism the system has received.

Now, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, he of the Senate subcommittee hearings this past July, is cranking up the anti-BcS rhetoric, flinging inflammatory words like “Justice Department” and “antitrust” at the beleaguered entity.

Following the hearings in July, Hatch had strongly suggested that the Justice Department should be looking into the situation.  According to the AP, Hatch is doing just that, asking President Barack Obama — who himself is a proponent of a playoff system — to launch a Justice Department investigation into the BcS.

Hatch tells the president in a letter Wednesday that a “strong case” can be made that the BCS violates antitrust laws. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the letter.

Under the BCS system, some conferences get automatic bids to participate in top-tier bowls while others don’t, and the automatic bid conferences also get far more of the revenue. Hatch represents Utah, and he says the current system unfairly discriminates against some conferences. The BCS has said it simply recognizes the teams people want to watch. Neither the White House nor the Justice Department has an immediate comment.

This is fun.  Where’s my popcorn…

Arizona State hires Beau Baldwin as offensive coordinator

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

TEMPE, Ariz. — Arizona State has hired former Cal Poly head coach Beau Baldwin as its next offensive coordinator.

The school announced Baldwin’s hiring of new coach Kenny Dillingham‘s staff a week after he resigned at Cal Poly.

The 50-year-old Baldwin spent three seasons as the Mustangs’ head coach, going 4-21.

Baldwin previously served as California’s offensive coordinator for three years after a nine-year stint as Eastern Washington’s head coach. He went 85-32 at Eastern Washington and won the 2010 national championship with three trips to the FCS semifinals.

Baldwin also served as Central Washington’s head coach in 2007.

Stanford QB Tanner McKee declares for NFL draft

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

STANFORD, Calif. – Stanford quarterback Tanner McKee is leaving school to enter the NFL draft.

McKee announced his decision on Thursday after a disappointing junior season on an overmatched Stanford team.

McKee completed 62% of his passes for 2,947 yards, 13 touchdowns and eight interceptions this season as Stanford went 3-9 for a second straight year.

Stanford will undergoing an overhaul with coach David Shaw stepping down after 12 seasons and several players expected to transfer.