Seahawks eyeing SoCal's Carroll?


In our early-bird preview of the 2010 season, we stretched and placed Southern Cal head coach Pete Carroll on the coaching hot seat for next season.

As it turns out, he may not even get a chance to be on any any kind of collegiate hot seat regardless of how the Trojans perform next year.

According to a report by ESPN‘s Chris Mortensen by way of our big sisters at PFT, the Seattle Seahawks have an interest in replacing Jim Mora, fired today by the club, with Carroll.  And, apparently, the Trojans coach is reciprocating the interest.

(Some cynics in the audience might say that Carroll can smell what the NCAA is cooking and wants to get the hell out of the kitchen ASAP.  Thank goodness we’re not cynical.)

The report also notes that the Seahawks will want to move quickly on a hire, so USC faces the very real possibility of being without a head coach nearly a month after their season ended.

And just 26 days ahead of national signing day.

Needless to say, if this report comes to fruition, it is not the type of news a wobbly football program needs at this point in time.

UPDATE 3:57 p.m. ET: The following tweet comes from the Twitter account of FOX‘s Jay Glazer:

“2 ppl close to pete carroll told me seattle dangling an exhorbitant amount of money at him. very substantial!”