Meyer calling recruits daily


As the U.S. Army All-American game wraps up its third quarter, the broadcast team at NBC brought up an interesting point about resign/resting/still-working-18-hour-days football coach Urban Meyer.

Meyer just received a gigantic commitment from five-star defensive tackle prospect Sharrif Floyd, which shouldn’t be surprising because the recruits in San Antonio report that Meyer has been calling each of Florida’s targets each and every day, a far cry from the step back that he’s taking to tend to his health, family, and faith.

Just two weeks ago, Meyer shocked the sporting world by announcing that he’s stepping down from the head coaching job at Florida. He told the New York Times that his teenage daughter was ecstatic, proclaiming that, “I get my daddy back.”

The “sign from God that this was the right thing to do,” lasted about 24 hours, when the resignation turned into a leave-of-absence. and now the leave of absence is on hold, most likely because of recruiting.

Meyer was largely applauded for putting his health and family before his job when the decision shocked us all. Yet that commitment to his family rings pretty hollow when he’s still grinding late into the night trying to secure a recruiting class instead of worrying about the chest pains and health issues that nearly killed him.