Surprise! DeRuyter followed the $'s to the Aggies


In 2009, Tim DeRuyter made $205,000 as a defensive coordinator.

In 2010, DeRuyter will make around $500,000 as a coordinator.

And, no surprise, therein lies the reason why DeRuyter is leaving Air Force for Texas A&M.  The only reason, it seems.

DeRuyter, who attended the academy in the early 80’s, was officially hired today as the Aggies’ new coordinator.  Athletic director Hans Mueh told the Colorado Springs Gazette that not only was it hard on DeRuyter to decide to leave, it was hard on him to see the respected coach go.

Especially because it came down to a matter of money — and A&M having more of it to offer than  he did.

“He didn’t even have to tell me how tough it was,” Mueh said. “I knew how tough it was.”

While Mueh was talking about the personal aspect of it with that quote, he very well could’ve been alluding to the financial aspect of the departure.  “Frustrated” seemed to be the operative word of the day in Colorado Springs.

“Sure it is. Absolutely,” Mueh said when the paper asked about his inability to engage in a bidding war to keep DeRuyter. “… But I have to be realistic.”