CBS urged to scrub Tebow ad


Tim Tebow created “somewhat” of a “ripple” in the world of sports last week when it was announced that he would be featured in a pro-life commercial that would air during this year’s Super Bowl.

It was expected that a backlash would ensue.  Today, in news that should surprise no one, the expected has become a reality.

According to the Associated Press, a coalition of women’s groups — the National Organization for Women, Women’s Media Center and the Feminist majority, among others — have called for CBS to scrub their plans to air the 30-second ad.

The network has reviewed the script of the ad and approved it for airing, saying that the network would ensure that it was “appropriate for air.”

The national coalition sent a letter to CBS protesting the approval of the ad produced by the pro-life, pro-family group Focus on the Family.

“By offering one of the most coveted advertising spots of the year to an anti-equality, anti-choice, homophobic organization, CBS is aligning itself with a political stance that will damage its reputation, alienate viewers, and discourage consumers from supporting its shows and advertisers,” the letter said, in part.

Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, blasted the commercial — which is expected to feature Tebow with his mother Pam and her story of refusing to follow medical advice that would have led to aborting the Heisman winner — as being “extraordinarily offensive and demeaning.”

“That’s not being respectful of other people’s lives,” O’Neill said. “It is offensive to hold one way out as being a superior way over everybody else’s.”

Needless to say, this is very much a hot-button issue, so let’s keep the comments respectful and civil.  Unlike the previous posting on this subject.

—–EXTENDED BODY:—–EXCERPT:—–KEYWORDS:—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: stnmmcEMAIL: stnmmcanich@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 08:18:35 PMI really do not care. If they show it I will mock him for being a crap pro QB and/or being a douche. I bet he cries during it. I wonder how much Timmy Tears go for on Ebay? If they don’t show it the game will go on as usual, with major buildup for a bunch of supposed great commercials with the inevitable major letdown. Regardless, there is nothing that can be shown that will change my views on the world and life (or my views on lil Timmy), and I will carry on as I have.In 3 years when everyone realizes that Tebow just isn’t NFL caliber QB material no one will remember this ad. Maybe he can use it in his post NFL gig as a televangelist.In another related shocking news story:Little Timmy can’t take a snap from under center. Who would have guessed, you know, other than all the experts and those of us who have not been blinded by the light.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: pt8106EMAIL: pt8106@att.netIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 08:37:54 PMI think NOW should speak for their own selves and not all women. I am a woman and not only do I feel like CBS should show the ad but I agree with the Tebow’s and their belief that life is sacred and that abortion is used all too often, mostly for birth control when people use other parts of their bodies to make decisions that should be made with their brains.NOW just needs to butt out!—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: rod9856EMAIL: b_elrod@comcast.netIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 08:38:39 PMIt seems as though everyone is for free speech as long it is something agreeable to mainstream America. Focus on the Family paid the money for the advertising spot just like any other corporation. It just shows how ridiculous our society has become when only beer commerials and job search adds featuring chimpanzees are acceptable. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: skinny pigeonEMAIL: glenhatchell@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 08:50:43 PMKiffin sucks. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: facelessmanEMAIL: redskins75@gmail.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 09:09:28 PMI dont see anyone trying to have a pro choice commercial. So Why are they allowed a pro life one. LOL we the cynical nation that it is, is indeed sad sad nation. Lets kill to make it convienent. No wonder we cant get free health care. Commercials are PAID Advertisements. PAID.If it was free these idiots would have a case..SIGH.. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: highplainsdrifterEMAIL: njoelharris@gmail.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 09:29:28 PMWhat would Rick Pitino say?—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: techvetEMAIL: tkustner@gmail.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 09:41:42 PMWashhhhh!!!!! Someone disagreeing with me shouldn’t be allowed to advertise! Wahhh!!!!—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: frydorovEMAIL: frydorov@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 09:45:21 PMPam Tebow tried to abort Tim. But he stopped it from happening while in the womb.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: Sonny MooksEMAIL: dabdc@aol.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 10:01:16 PM@Skinny pigeon.Kiffin does suck, lol.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: SeeryerEMAIL: reierc@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 10:06:47 PMPT8106,If Focus on the Family would not have butted in to a football game NOW would not have responded. You can agree with FoF just as NOW can disagree with them.Rod9856,CBS has rejected poltical advertising in the past, including when they refused to air an add about a church allowing gay parishoners. So the question is why would a so called liberal or mainstream network provide a spot for a conservative christian point of view but not a liberal christian point of view? That is what it is about, not beer or farting bear commercials.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: RichieBugs83EMAIL: rickstod@gmail.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 10:13:58 PMHi I’m Tim Tebow, I’m here to tell you that abortion is wrong according to the magical people in the sky that I talk to. Who cares? I want it to air so I can make fun of him being a GIGANTIC DOUCHE.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: overratedgatorsEMAIL: dave.rosamond@gmail.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 10:46:35 PMFocus on the Family are a bunch of douchebags. But they are douchebags protected by the First Amendment. Shame on NOW, and shame on anyone else who would deny them their right to voice their own opinions – regardless of whether I agree or disagree with them.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: No-NeckEMAIL: gpastrana@att.netIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 10:51:19 PMLet’s see, Go Daddy girls almost exposing their breasts…check.Budweiser with sight gag…check.Dancing chimpanzees for Etrade…check.Oh what’s this Tebow and his mom talking about pro-life. What are we going to do? I’m going to stop watching the SuperBowl.Give me a freakin break.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: edgy1957EMAIL: edgrinnell@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 11:24:28 PMIt’s funny how the people who think that the commercial is fine are the first to squeal about the GoDaddy spots. Why is freedom of speech fine for one but not the other. Frankly, I don’t believe that the spot, be it pro-life or pro-choice, is appropriate for the Super Bowl. I enjoy watching the commercials to laugh and frankly, where is the target audience? The domo doesn’t even make sense.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: gncnewEMAIL: garth@newmandoesit.comIP: DATE: 01/25/2010 11:24:50 PM”(“extraordinarily offensive and demeaning.””That’s not being respectful of other people’s lives,” O’Neill said. “It is offensive to hold one way out as being a superior way over everybody else’s.”)So wait a minute… their opinion that her decision to keep Tim alive is ‘offensive and demeaning’?WTF is that exactly? ROFL… so if I say that drinking and driving is bad because when I drank and drove I almost killed someone I guess I’m just being offensive and demeaning to all the drinkers who want to drive home?She’s retarded… oh wait, I just offended someone again.. crap!