Oklahoma bar stool whizzer gets arrested


Memo to members of the Oklahoma football program: With the exception of some portions of West Virginia, urinating — allegedly — on a bar stool in a public place is against the law in every state in the Union.

That lil’ bit of advice, unfortunately, came too late for Sooner linebacker Austin Box.

According to both Tulsa World and the Daily Oklahoman, Box was arrested early Saturday morning after being spotted by an officer peeing on a defenseless bar stool at the Skky Bar.  Appropriately enough, the bar is located on Mickey Mantle Drive.

Both papers report that Box told officers that he had been kicked out of the bar and “had to go”.

(Writer’s note: True dat.)

This isn’t the first time Box has been busted for public display of urination.  In March, he was cited “on a complaint of outraging public decency when he was spotted urinating outside a restaurant.”

It’s uncertain whether Bob Stoops and his coaching staff will spend at least a portion of spring practice housebreaking the junior LB.