Another Trojan gets the Bush comparison


Being compared to Reggie Bush before ever playing a down of collegiate football — or even stepping foot on to campus — didn’t exactly work out well for Joe McKnight.

Now, freshman running back Dillon Baxter has been forced to carry the same impossible-to-live-up-to burden.

Head coach Lane Kiffin made the comparison before the start of spring practice, and wants to push Baxter’s versatility by using him him at multiple positions and on multiple units.  Just like Bush.

Even as he has to know or be somewhat aware of how the Bush comparisons went for McKnight, Baxter seems flattered by the talk.  At least so far he is.

It’s an honor to be compared to Reggie Bush,” Baxter said according to the Los Angeles Daily News. “Hopefully, I’ll get all these positions down. I’m not sure where I’ll be playing. They’re going to move me around once I get all the running back plays down.”

Kiffin, who’s already described one of Baxter’s practices as “phenomenal”, also plans to use the freshman as a Wildcat-type quarterback on occasion, given Baxter’s background as a high school QB.