Big Ten meetings not expected to reveal any new expansion details


For those looking for the Big Ten meetings the early part of this coming week to produce any type of hard news as far as expansion is concerned, you’ll likely end the week a little bit disappointed.

The meetings will involve athletic directors and coaches who, while holding a (very) wee bit of sway in the goings on, do not hold the ultimate power as do the presidents and chancellors, who will ultimately decide how far the league will travel down the expansion road.

Instead, those in attendance could be briefed by commissioner Jim Delany on any expansion developments.  And that’s it, expansion-wise.

“This is our normal meeting, the one we have every year,” Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith told the Associated Press by way of the Chicago Tribune. “(Delany) will probably give us an update on what the consultant has shared (if) the report is done. And then he’ll move on.”

Topics scheduled to be covered include scheduling, TV issues and officiating, the Tribune reports.