ACC reportedly locks down new TV deal


Thanks to the huge shadow cast by the Big Ten’s expansion ambitions, the ACC’s search for a new television pact has been one of those under-the-radar stories this offseason.

Apparently, though, the search is over, and is over in a big way for the conference.

According to the Sports Business Journal, the ACC has reached an agreement with ESPN on a 12-year, $1.86 billion deal that combines both football and basketball together for the first time ever.

That averages out to $155 million a season, more than double the $67 million annually the conference received from their old deal.

There was some concern amongst some that the conference would not be able to break the $100 million-a-year mark, but a bidding war ensured the league shattered that modest goal.  The SBJ reports that ESPN increased their offer “in response to an unexpectedly strong pursuit by FOX Sports”.

It was reportedly neck-and-neck between ESPN and FOX Sports up until late last week.