Report: Pac-10 officials visited UT, A&M before ultimatum was given


On Friday, Big 12 presidents reportedly gave an ultimatum to both Nebraska and Missouri: decide by Friday, June 11, what your intentions are and whether you are going to stay in the Big 12 or go pursue other conference options.

Apparently, the other ten schools were looking for some type of declaration of loyalty.  Also just as apparently, loyalty is not a two-way street in the Big 12.

According to a report in the Omaha World-Herald, and citing a source from an unnamed Big 12 school, representatives from the Pac-10 visited both Texas and Texas A&M two weeks ago.  Before the deadline for expressing loyalty to the Big 12 was given to Nebraska and Missouri.

Is it any wonder why the Big 12 is seemingly falling apart and crumbling right before our very eyes?

Amazing that other schools would seek declarations of loyalty from two schools rumored to be infatuated with the Big Ten, while at least two other member institutions have been looking up the skirt of another conference.

Again, given how the past few days have unfolded, it’s amazing that the fractured league has lasted as long as it has.