Texas, A&M petitioning Big Ten for an invite? Sooners for SEC?


Oh boy.  Here we go.  The rumor mill might just be ready to implode in on itself with the latest speculation that’s just now starting to make the rounds.

Citing “high-level sources in multiple conferences”, KCTV5 in Kansas City is reporting that Texas and Texas A&M have petitioned the Big Ten for membership.

The station reports that there has already been communication between the sides involved and that an agreement could be made as early as Thursday.

On top of that, the station is reporting that Oklahoma is working on petitioning the SEC for an invitation.  The snag, the station reports, is that the Sooners would need to find a partner to bring along to keep the conference at an even number of teams.

We’re not exactly certain of the veracity of this report — coughcoughbullsh-tcoughcough — but thought we’d toss it out there as an additional item to chew on.  If for nothing else, it’d be a bone for the SEC fans to chew on as their beloved conference has had little or nothing to talk about over the last couple of weeks.

We also thought the time stamp on this post was very fitting given the content.