Mustain says he'll likely stay true to 'SC; Gable not sure


In the wake of the historic sanctions levied against the USC football program Thursday, it was reported earlier today that any junior or senior at the school would be allowed to transfer from the school to another Div. 1-A program without having to sit out a year as normally required.

The only stipulation on that would be the players could not transfer to another Pac-10/11/15/16 team.

One high-profile player who many thought would be a candidate to transfer is declaring that, for now, he’s staying with the Trojans.

“There is no situation. I don’t have plans to leave,” quarterback Mitch Mustain wrote in a text to the Orange County Register.

C.J. Gable, on the other hand, has left the door open to leave.  The senior running back told the Register that, if he were guaranteed a starting job — or significant playing time — at another school, he would give serious consideration to a transfer.

“The reason I would go to another school would be that I’m not playing,” said Gable, No. 2 on the depth chart behind fellow senior Allen Bradford. “That would be the only way. This is my last year. I’m not trying to sit around.

“I don’t want to get (misled by another school). I want them to be straight up with me — no ‘recruiting answers.’ Give the me the real answer. Am I going to play or not?”