Pac-10 invites on the way, with Kansas looming large on the radar


We noted a post or two below this one that Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will bolt the Big 12 for the Pac-10 once the expected invitations are extended by the new conference.

Apparently, those invites are on the way.  And they’re being hand-delivered.

According to Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News, Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott is flying to the states of Texas and Oklahoma to personally deliver invitations to his conference.

As was reported earlier, Texas A&M could be the fifth school to receive a come-hither look from the Pac-10, but remains firmly planted on the fence.  However, Carlton sheds some new light on the A&M situation with word that another member of the Big 12 could be looming very large in the background.

Per Carlton, Kansas and their storied basketball program would be moved upon quickly by the Pac-10 if A&M continues to drag its feet.  

This is the first time we are aware of that Kansas has been so concretely linked by a reputable source to a move to the Pac-10, so certainly this could be a means to push A&M to making a decision sooner rather than later.    However, Kansas has a lot to offer from both an academic and athletic standpoint so, distance aside, it would make sense that they would be an option.

And, as far as the state of the Big 12 is concerned at the end of the night?  As Public Enemy so eloquently put it: So get the morgue, embalm the goner.

True dat, Mr. Flav.  True dat.