SEC realizes 'Horns, Sooners likely a pipedream


When it comes to the SEC and expansion, the conference has been largely and somewhat eerily quiet.

Certainly Texas A&M has been connected to the conference of late, but that seems to be more a case of the Aggies pursuing the SEC than vice versa.  There are two schools, though, that the SEC deems worthy of a pursuit.

In a conversation with‘s Mark Schlabach, an unnamed SEC athletic director admits what’s largely been assumed by those in the media — the conference would be interested in luring Texas and Oklahoma.  The unnamed AD admits that it’s not realistic to think they could land either school, especially top option UT.

Which brings us back, of course, to A&M.  Given the Dallas and Houston television markets the Aggies might bring to the SEC’s footprint, they would be given consideration.  But, not after it was determined they could actually deliver the TV goods and would add something to the conference.

“We’ve got to be diligent in evaluating this,” another SEC AD said. “We can’t just add teams who are going to split the pie without adding anything substantial to the pie.”

In another point of interest in Schlabach’s piece, the sources said raiding the ACC was not in the SEC’s plans.  Rumors have abounded that, if the Pac-10 and Big Ten move to 16 teams, the SEC would look to grab some combination of Miami, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Clemson to form their own 16-team league.

Of course, if the 16-team “super conference” becomes a reality, the SEC may take an entirely different view on the situation.  And on raiding the ACC.