Stop the presses! Texas move to Pac-10 'imminent'


A half hour or so has gone by, so of course it’s time for yet another report on the future of Texas and the fate of the Big 12.

Citing four sources within the Big 12,‘s Joe Schad is reporting that the departure of Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State from the Big 12 for the Pac-10 is imminent.

As noted in earlier reports, commissioner Dan Beebe laid out a plan over the weekend to all of the schools in an effort to keep the conference together.  While one source told Schad the Beebe plan was “very unlikely” to succeed, another source went even further by stating that there was “zero” chance of the plan keeping the conference together.

On Texas’ part, a decision is expected no later that Tuesday.

Schad also reports that Texas A&M is now likely to make the move to the SEC.

So, after it looked like there was a chance of the Big 12 staying together, it appears that the conference apocalypse is back on.  Good luck Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri.