Texas Tech professes love for Big 12… finally


Throughout the last 24 hours, nine of the ten schools that currently constitute the Big 12 have expressed publicly their loyalty to the conference.  The lone holdout?  Texas Tech, of all institutions.

Fortunately, the rest of the Big 12 can breathe a little easier this evening as Tech has stopped holding their breath, exhaled, and signed on — figuratively, of course — along with the rest of their conference mates that have already pledged to remain united until a better piece of conference tail comes along and then it’s everybody for themselves, brah.

Which could be tomorrow, for all we know.

Anyway, the school released a statement just a short while ago, proudly announcing their desire to recommit to the Big 12.  Here’s their pinky-swear statement, in full:

As we’ve said during this period of instability in conference alignments, our goal has been to preserve the Big 12 Conference. We are proud to announce that this has been done and that we are recommitting to our status as a member of the Big 12 Conference.

“We worked carefully through this process in consultation with our colleagues in the Big 12 South and have come to the conclusion that remaining in the Big 12 is best for Texas Tech University from the perspectives of revenue, rivalry and the welfare of our student-athletes.

“The Big 12 is a tremendous fit for Texas Tech both academically and athletically. Remaining in the Big 12 will allow us to play our traditional rivals and maintain those competitive associations we have developed with the Big 12 North members.