Grambling coach on agents: Line them up 'and shoot their ass'


Nick Saban referred to them as as pimps.  Urban Meyer called them predators.

Now, one former Florida assistant has a rather “unique” idea as to how the “predatory pimps” should be dealt with.

By way of our buddy SportsByBrooks, Grambling head coach Rod Broadway was asked by WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge what should be done about seemingly rogue agents running amok through college football.  

“Number one they should put them all in front of a firing squad and shoot their ass… (laugh break)… if you catch guys doing that stuff, because that’s wrong. Those guys are grown men and you’re taking advantage of 18, 20 and 21-year-old kids.”

While we’ll give Coach Broadway points for thinking outside of the box, we don’t believe that his way is technically a legal method of dealing with these types of issues in the continental United States.

Except in Texas, where as we understand it, under that state’s criminal code, it’s perfectly justifiable and actually encouraged to fire a warning shot if someone, say, doesn’t use their turn signal.