Classy: South Carolina players told to leave local hotel


It’s South Carolina Gamecocks weekend here at CFT and we’re providing wire to wire coverage of every rule-breaking, Garcia bashing, agent-funded minute of it.

With the NCAA hot on the trail of tight end Weslye Saunders and his spring break trip to Miami, university officials have asked several Gamecock players to move out of the Whitney Hotel in Columbia. The hotel is also being questioned as part of the NCAA’s ongoing investigation with SC, according to The State Newspaper.

“There’s been some issues,” coach Steve Spurrier said. “We’ve encouraged our guys to move out of the Whitney, to pay their monthly bill and move out… Whatever their arrangements were, they need to pay up and move out.”

Players living at the hotel were Saunders, defensive tackles Travian Robertson and Ladi Ajiboye, safety Akeem Auguste and offensive tackle Jarriel King.

If the NCAA finds that the aforementioned players did not pay for their rooms or received a discount, it could be deemed as an improper benefit.

We hope you’ve enjoyed CFT’s coverage of the South Carolina Gamecocks. Time now for a much needed vacation for JT and I in Miami!