Assistant Nebraska AD: Boise wanted $1 million to play us


So, the big boys don’t want to schedule Boise State, huh? Not. So. Fast, my friend.

In an interview with the Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska assistant athletic director Jeff Jamrog says the Huskers tried to schedule a series with the Broncos, but Boise countered with its best diva impersonation by demanding a whopping $1 million to play in Lincoln.

Nebraska’s response: Um … no.

According to the World-Herald,  Nebraska tried feverishly to to put together a series with Boise that would include “either a two-for-one, home-and-home or one-way trip to Lincoln”, but Boise refused to budge on its lofty demands.

With the Broncos’ reputation of coming out winners in big games, it’s really no surprise that Nebraska would be unwilling to dish out seven digits just to potentially lose. It’s bad enough when you do it for a team you should have beaten (looking at you, Ole Miss and Kansas).

There has been no response from Boise State regarding the potential matchup.