Boise State looking good, but not good enough


Boise State’s field may be blue, but on Saturday night it was littered with yellow flags.

Against Oregon State, the Broncos played far from their best game, committing 8 penalties for 60 yards — including two costly personal fouls on defense that allowed Oregon State to continue a scoring drive.

Offensively, Kellen Moore continued to show why he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the country. By contrast, though, special teams miscues and mental errors kept Boise from pulling away entirely. Overall, Boise was solid, but not great, in a 37-24 win.

That may not be good enough.

There’s no doubt that Boise has to win and win big if they’re to be considered for the BCS National Championship. As long as Ohio State and Alabama keep winning (especially the way they have been), Boise will be on the outside looking in. The only way the Broncos could  possibly fathom a case for the national title is if either of those teams slipped up.

Style points count for the Broncos. Lest we forget their national perception?

Chris Peterson’s group had two marquee games this year: Virginia Tech and Oregon State. The Broncos narrowly beat Tech and when the Hokies dropped the ball against James Madison the following week, Boise’s reputation took a huge blow. It’s unfortunate, considering Boise has no control as to what their competition does throughout the year, but there’s no denying that win against at FedEx Field in week one now means less.

The game against Oregon State never seemed to be in doubt, but to put it bluntly, Boise needed to beat OSU handily and they didn’t. Compare that to an undefeated Ohio State and Alabama and there simply isn’t a way that Boise jumps them in the polls.

It’s not hatin’. It’s a fact.

Long-winded arguments can be made that a playoff would fix this problem, but that’s not the situation we’re in. Peterson’s a smart guy. I’m sure he knew what his team needed to do tonight. In their situation, a win is not a win is not a win.

Even if they win ’em all.