Atop the first BCS standings is … Oklahoma?


Since the mere thought of the BCS turns John Taylor into the Incredible Hulk (you won’t like him when he’s angry), I thought I’d give him a free pass and recap the first BCS standings for 2010.

The controversial ranking system starts off with a boom(er) as Oklahoma sits atop the first set of standings. The Sooners (6-0) are ranked fourth in the Harris Poll and third according to the USA Today, but are first in the computer rankings.

Personally, having Oklahoma ranked first seems a little odd. If you asked a group of experts who they thought the number one team in the country was, I doubt you’d hear Oklahoma at all. That’s not to say Oklahoma hasn’t reeled off some big wins, but the Sooners haven’t played like a top-10 team at times this season, let alone a No. 1 team.

No. 2 is Oregon, who ranks first in Harris, AP and USA Today polls, but falls to eighth according to the computer rankings. We can only assume the computer (nicknamed HAL) hasn’t seen Oregon completely dominate its competition this year. BCS busters Boise State and TCU are No. 3 and No. 5, respectively, and the undefeated Auburn Tigers are No. 4.

LSU, Michigan State, Alabama, Utah and Ohio State, who was upset by then No. 18 Wisconsin last night, round out the BCS Top-10.


1 Oklahoma 6-0

2 Oregon 6-0

3 Boise State 6-0

4 Auburn 7-0

5 TCU 7-0

6 LSU 7-0

7 Michigan State 7-0

8 Alabama 6-1

9 Utah 6-0

10 Ohio State 6-1

11 Missouri 6-0

12 Stanford 5-1

13 Wisconsin 6-1

14 Oklahoma State 6-0

15 Iowa 5-1

16 Nebraska 5-1

17 Florida State 6-1

18 Arizona 5-1

19 Texas 4-2

20 West Virginia 5-1

21 South Carolina 4-2

22 Kansas State 5-1

23 Arkansas 4-2

24 Mississippi State 5-2

25 Virginia Tech 5-2