Monday night Big 12 one-liners


Things really cannot be that great in Colorado right now.

In terms of likeliness, Iowa State may have served up a bigger upset than Missouri did.

The quarterback situation at Kansas is still ugly and under evaluation.

Kansas State had compiled a record of 6-1 against Baylor, averaging a score of 40-11 againstthe Bears, before the Robert Griffin-led group defeated the Wildcats last Saturday.

Texas head coach Mack Brown: “I don’t think it’s (a lack of) talent. It’s attitude. Weplayed well against Nebraska, and I’m mystified. We stunk and played badtoday, and I get mystified.”

Some confidence was regained for the Aggies as Texas A& Mshellacked Kansas 45-10 on Saturday in Lawrence.

It’ s not every day–or year, for that matter–that you think of Texas Techas a running team.