Irish LB dances a jig on Navy player's belly


Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly might have some explaining to do the next time he holds court with the media.

Late in the third quarter of the Notre Dame-Navy game Saturday, Midshipmen quarterback Ricky Dobbs scored on a one-yard touchdown run to push the lead to 35-10.  The real action on the play, however, took place outside of the end zone.

Thanks to a heads up by our buddy Brooks, and in video that can be seen HERE and HERE, Irish linebacker Kerry Neal appears to do a southern version of the Albert Haynesworth stomp on Navy’s Shawn Reed, lifting his knee to waist level and planting a cleat into Reed’s lower abdomen while at the same time raising his right foot so that the full force of his weight is squarely on the prone player.

While you can’t definitively glean intent from the clips, anyone with a half a brain — or a few percentage points lower than that in our case — can see that the video evidence strongly suggests a bush-league, punk play by a player whose team was getting their asses handed to them by a service academy for the third time in four years.  And he wasn’t simply making his way to the pile, either, so you can save that argument for those much more doltier than us.

Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes suspended himself for an entire game last year for attempting to perform an extensive on-field eye exam on Georgia running back Washaun Ealey.  At minimum, Neal should face a similar, if not stiffer, fate.

(Writer’s note: We were informed via email that it was slotback John Howell, not Reed, who was the stompee.)