Let's make a decision on Boise State


What do we want from Boise State?

Short answer: win and win big. With the dominance of Oregon and Auburn, making a case for Boise State to be No. 1 or 2 has been like trying to justify Charles Manson‘s actions. To gain any respect, the Broncos have to, on a consistent basis, blow everybody out.

Against Virginia Tech and Oregon State, Boise won, but they didn’t do so convincingly — although I don’t think anybody thought the Broncos would lay the wood on the Hokies. Against Oregon State, Boise looked good, but not good enough to make a case for No.1. Remember, in the human polls, style points count big time for the Broncos.

But on Tuesday night with a 49-20 win over Louisiana Tech, Boise State did exactly what we’ve asked of them. They beat the snot out of an inferior opponent and they did it occupying the lone spot on national television. Playing a weekday night game is a gold mine for Boise State. The Broncos don’t play on television much and they typically play at night. No exposure. No highlight reels throughout the day.

So why is it still not good enough?

Maybe if Boise State played somebody once in a while! I’d like to see them get through the SEC undefeated!

Playing in the much weaker WAC, I get this, but Boise State plays the cards they’re dealt. Right now, they play in a non-BCS conference. As for moving into a BCS conference, John Taylor once brought up a great point that, believe it or not, academics have a huge role in conference affiliation. Right now, Boise State just doesn’t have the academic standards (or television market) of a Big Ten or Pac-10. Until they do, they’ll play in the WAC.

That’s the bottom line. Deal with it.

Yeah, but they wanted $1 million to play Nebraska! What a load of crap! Who do they think they are?

Hey man, Boise has to look out for Boise. By asking for $1 million to travel to Lincoln (or anywhere else), they’re ensuring that they cover the cost for losing a revenue-rich home game. It’s 7 home games or $1 million. Can’t fault them for wanting to look out for themselves.

I’m not advocating that Boise State be No.1, but if we’re going to ask them to beat their opponents into a pulp, then we can’t ask for more once they do. Boise’s situation is what it is and screaming, clawing and throwing a fit like this kid won’t make any bit of difference.

So I’ll ask again. What do we really want from Boise State?