Tressel was worried about high winds Tuesday


As you have no doubt heard or read by now, a 20-year-old videographer for the Notre Dame football team died earlier today after the scissors lift on which he was perched collapsed/was felled by high winds.

The high winds that buttressed much of the Midwest Wednesday were remnants from a significant storm system that stretched 1,200 miles Tuesday and wreaked havoc across a huge cross-section of the country, from the upper Midwest all the way down through portions of the South.

Before Ohio State was set to practice yesterday, and in an eerie foreshadowing of today’s tragedy, Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel was asked whether his team would practice inside or outside due to the weather conditions.

“I don’t know if we’ll be inside or out,” Tressel said according to the Lake County News-Herald. “It looks a little nasty. I worry about our cameramen, their well-being up there 50 feet in the air.”

The scissor lift used to videotape Irish football practices could stretch 50 feet or higher.  Wind gusts exceeded 50 mph in the Columbus area Tuesday as the storm blew through; according to multiple reports, gusts in the South Bend area topped out at 51 mph around the time of today’s accident.

The Buckeyes ultimately practiced indoors yesterday.