Trojan lobs a little smack at Ducks ahead of 'bowl game'


For the most part this season, the normally loquacious USC Trojans have been relatively quiet, which should be considered a feat of monumental proportions given the fact that Lane Kiffin is their head coach.

Ahead of what’s been self-described as the school’s bowl game, however, one player on the roster has decided to toss out some verbal chum and see what surfaces.  And, we’re going to guess, Kiffin will be none too pleased with the public bravado.

According to ESPN Los, USC defensive tackle Jurrell Casey is having a hard time wrapping his head around and understanding all of the praise being heaped upon Oregon, ranked No. 1 in the country in all of the major polls and No. 2 in the BcS.  So hard of a time, in fact, that he decided to verbally express his frustration.

“They have a good running back and a good quarterback,” Casey noted before getting to the negative check marks on his personal scouting report. “Other than that, they’re really not that good.

“It gets kind of annoying to keep hearing about it, but let them do the talking and we’ll just go out there and show that we can stop them.”

Let them do the talking?  Last time we checked, the Ducks were the ones heaping (backhanded) compliments on the talent level as USC.

Again, we get the feeling that Coach Kiffin will be “slightly” irritated once he catches wind of Casey’s bombast, if he hasn’t already.  Sure, the talk likely won’t have any tangible impact on either side, but there’s something to be said for biting your tongue in situations such as these.  Ya know, just in case there’s something to that whole “bulletin board material” thing.