Indiana corner suspended over social media postings


As is oft times the case these days, a player took to Twitter and Facebook this past week to express his displeasure over a lack of playing time.

Today, said player will really have something to whine about.

Indiana confirmed this morning that JUCO transfer Andre Kates has been suspended for today’s game against Northwestern.  Kates actually broke the story himself Friday night with, of course, a Twitter missive.

I’m suspended for the game 2morrow for my Tweets and Facebook being Media attention and also a distraction toward Him!”

Since we don’t think God would be distracted by some random social media postings, we’ll assume the “Him” Kates was referring to was head coach Bill Lynch.  And we’ll also assume that the tone will not sit well with “Him” either, and Kates might find himself buried even further back in the doghouse.

Kates, a junior in his first year in the program, has played in five games this season.