Pair of unbeatens in big, big trouble early


Take note, Oregon, Auburn.  And, to a lesser degree, TCU and Utah.  It appears that this might be one of those Saturdays.

While it’s still very early, both Michigan State and Missouri are seeing their dreams of an unbeaten season quickly turning into a Halloween nightmare.

The Spartans are trailing on the road to Iowa 17-0 at the start of the second quarter, while the Tigers are getting drilled 24-0 by Nebraska late in the first quarter.

Again, there’s still plenty of time left for both teams to mount a comeback– especially a Michigan State team that seems to overcome adversity on a weekly basis — but, based on the way the two top-six squads have performed thus far, it will take a minor miracle for one to charge back let alone both.

And, as all of this tumult is unfolding, Boise State is simply sitting back and enjoying how the national landscape seems to be changing before their very eyes.  Now, if only Auburn and/or Oregon were to cooperate, things could get really interesting by the time the night’s over.