Simms miffed over benching in Vols loss


As if dropping their fifth straight conference game and six of eight overall this season wasn’t bad enough, now Tennessee has a quarterback whose public chirping is growing increasingly louder to deal with.

Starter Matt Simms was benched in the third quarter of a loss to South Carolina in favor of Tyler Bray and did not return to the playing field.  A big part of the reason Simms didn’t return was the fact that the freshman performed relatively well after taking over for the starter.

Following the game, Simms was not shy in expressing his frustration over the current state of the position and how he’s being handled.  In the process of expressing said frustration, Simms tossed his offensive line and Bray under the bus, and openly questioned the coaching staff’s decision in one of the more impressively whiny trifectas we’ve ever seen.

“Nothing much I can do about getting hit in the back and the guy stripping the ball from me,” Simms said. “That’s one of the better defensive lines in the conference and you know … hey, if you get hit a lot, sometimes the ball comes out. Other than that, I thought I played really well. Didn’t turn the ball over besides those. It wasn’t like I dropped back and threw it to the other team.”  

Bray’s first possession resulted in an interception that was returned for a touchdown by the Gamecocks. He came back from that pick, though, and played pretty well.  

“I wish I could say that I’m definitely the starting quarterback,” Simms said. “It’s unfortunate they took me out. I felt like I played really well. I feel like I could have made all those throws, because we had guys wide open down the middle of the field. I feel like I’m a good enough quarterback to make those plays, and I’m just still upset that I got taken out like that.”

Here’s an idea that would certainly put Simms’ mind at ease as far as not knowing where he stands: bench his ass and start Bray the rest of the season.

It’s one thing to be frustrated over being benched; hell, coaches want players who don’t enjoy a trip to the pine.  It’s another thing entirely, however, to act like a petulant, spoiled child and throw a public temper tantrum over your treatment.