Um … what? Mizzou and Sparty get halted on 'Roadblock Saturday'


Iowa and Nebraska didn’t get the memo that Michigan State and Missouri were undefeated and ranked in the BCS Top-10.

Apparently, neither did Michigan State and Missouri.

The combined 68-23 losses flipped the switch, so to speak, on who should really be in the Top-10. Sparty and Mizzou are obviously good teams, but no true Top-10 — especially No. 5 and No. 6 — team gets smacked around the way they did today.

For Missouri, moving the ball against Nebraska’s blackshirt defense was a nightmare fit for Elm Street. Gary Pinkell better not go to sleep tonight, or he might have bloody nightmares of Nebraska’s Roy Helu Jr., who rushed for 307 yards.

Iowa City has been a nightmare for Sparty and this year was no different, as Michigan State fell victim to a 37-6 drumming at the hands of Iowa.

Bye bye, BCS National Championship. Boise State can now take the pins out of two more voodoo dolls.