Auburn leapfrogs Boise State in coaches' poll


Well, there you have it.  The crystal table is officially set for Oregon and Auburn.

Boise State, TCU and Utah?  Cross your fingers and every other available appendage, then pray for a loss from someone above you.

In the latest release of the USA Today coaches’ poll, Auburn not-so-stunningly brushed past Boise State and into the No. 2 hole behind No. 1 Oregon.  And, not only did the Broncos slip to No. 3, but they saw their 75-point lead over No. 4 TCU sliced a little to 69 points.  With the Horned Frogs going on the road against No. 6 Utah (up from No. 7) this weekend, a TCU win could see that deficit over their fellow non-automatic qualifier shrink even further.

Oregon and Auburn picked up one first-place vote apiece, coming in with 51 and 4, respectively. Those additional votes came at the expense of Boise State, which dropped from five to three.  TCU garnered the remaining first-place vote.

Rounding out the Top Ten is Alabama at No. 5, and a quartet of schools that each moved up two spots apiece — Wisconsin No. 7, Ohio State No. 8, Oklahoma No. 9 and Nebraska No. 10.

That movement in the bottom half of the Top Ten was facilitated, of course, by losses from Michigan State and Missouri.  The Spartans took the biggest tumble of the week, falling from No. 5 to No. 15, while the Tigers tripped to No. 14 from No. 8.

Arizona (No. 13) and Iowa (No. 16) each moved up three spots.

Miami (then-No. 22) and Michigan (No. 25 dropped out of the rankings, replaced by Nevada (No. 23) and North Carolina State (No. 25).

The Big East has no teams in the Top 25, and just one team in the “Others Receiving Votes” category — Syracuse.  That’s the same number as Conference USA (Central Florida) and the MAC (Northern Illinois).

USA Today Week Nine Poll.PNG