Randy Shannon has the 'full support' of Miami's president


Some (most?) fans are calling for Randy Shannon‘s head on any kind of metallic platter as long as it’s headed out of Miami.  Some former players are privately calling for the same.

The one person whose opinion really, really matters, however, is apparently at the opposite end of the spectrum.

In the wake of the Hurricanes’ embarrassing loss to Virginia that dropped the team to 5-3, and with the cries for a change growing louder, the university’s president is standing behind her man. According to the Miami Herald, Shannon is not in danger of losing his job and will return next season, largely because that’s what Donna Shalala wants.

“He can’t get away with winning five or six games,” a board of trustees member told the Herald. “But if they win eight games every year, as long as the kids keep graduating and stay out of trouble, that’s most important to Donna. He’s got her full support.”

It appears that, in addition to the graduation and arrest rates, another thing that will keep Shannon in Miami is, of course, financial considerations.  The Herald writes that Shannon’s contract calls for a significant buyout if he’s fired, not to mention the money it would take to hire a new coach as well.

One former Hurricane, though, has publicly stated that Shannon is in over his head.

“Do you think Randy Shannon will win a national title here? I don’t think it’s going to happen,” said former Canes receiver Randal Hill, now a U.S. government special agent. “He’s better suited to be a defensive coordinator or recruiting coordinator.”

Of course, Minnesota could always swoop in and steal Shannon away in the offseason, but, if you are a Hurricane fan, you should probably get comfortable with the fact that Shannon is not going away for at least a couple of years.