Husker junk grabbing may have justified personal foul penalty


There wasn’t much offensively to look at when it came to the nail-biting, 9-6 victory Texas A&M landed over Nebraska last night. But, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything offensive going on during the game.

Of course, we mean offensive in the grotesque way.

During the first quarter of what was then a 3-0 Nebraska lead, tight end Ben Cotton was seen kicking at a Texas A&M player while in the middle of a tackle pile. The flag was thrown and Cotton was viewed as a frustrated player unable to control his emotions.

But a closer look at the incident shows another story. Rather than uncomfortably write out the events, it would probably just be better to watch the video. After all, it would feel like writing an erotic novel anyway. The Aggie gently caressed his hand up the thigh, whispering softly in Cotton’s ear. The anticipation …


As you can see, there seemed to be a little … um … “exploration” going on between the Aggie player and Cotton, which rightfully resulted in a kick that said “get the hell outta my crotch!” The personal foul was one of 16 penalties called on the Huskers that night, which apparently was some inside job organized  by Dan Beebe as a giant middle finger to Tom Osbourne as Nebraska departs for the Big Ten.

But, as it is with most personal foul penalties, it’s not who barks first (or grabs thy first groin), but who reacts last who gets called for the foul.

(Thank you: Dallas Morning News)