Southern Miss AD: Gophers haven’t made contact with Fedora


Earlier today, rumors were bouncing off all corners of the Internet that Southern Miss head coach Larry Fedora was on the Minnesota campus and interviewing for the Gophers’ coaching vacancy.

The only problem with the speculation?  Around the same time the rumors were flying, Fedora was conducting a press conference in Mississippi and, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, he was in his office working the rest of the day after the presser.

Southern Miss athletic director Richard Giannini looked to quickly shoot down the rumors, telling the Star Tribune that he has not been contacted by the Gophers about any interest in Fedora.

Minnesota hasn’t called me to ask permission to talk to Larry, and Larry has not informed me of any contact,” Giannini said. “Larry and I have an arrangement that he talks to me whenever a contact is made. None of those things have happened.”

As noted by the paper, however, the lack of communication between the two athletic directors doesn’t exactly mean much; last week, Gophers AD Joel Maturi met with San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke without following the common “etiquette” of letting his counterpart at SDSU know of the interest in Hoke.

And, as stated earlier, Fedora hasn’t informed Giannini of any contact made by Minnesota, and the AD feels that he has the kind of relationship with his football coach where  such a situation would be brought to his attention.  Of course, Fedora’s agent may not be bound by the same relationship “rules” as his client.