Big Ten commish Delany says his conference has sacrificed enough


Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is tired of Boise State and TCU sucking from the proverbial “big boy conference” teat.

And he’s not afraid to tell ya about it, either.

While in New York for the IMG Intercollegiate Athletic Forum, naturally, a topic involving the BCS vs. playoff debate arose. Delany, who loves himself some BCS, insisted that his conference had already sacrificed a great deal for the good of college football by allowing other teams *coughcough* TCU *coughcough* access to the Rose Bowl and, furthermore, would resist giving up all connections to the game in the event of a playoff.

“Now some of the people who’ve received the most have put in the least,” said Delany. “Others [non BCS conferences] were included, but they never had access to any of this before. You have to understand who brought what to the table, who is continuing to give and who’s continuing to get.”

In other words: “You’re all a bunch of freeloaders!”

Given the fact that the Big Ten received $22.2 million last year in bowl revenue, we’d contend Indiana is a bigger freeloader than Boise State., who received a portion of the $7.8 million dolled out to the WAC.

Awkwardly enough, WAC commissioner Karl Benson was also at the event and, as you can imagine, had a slightly different view on the whole situation.

“I think the system does provide access and opportunity for a team like Boise State or TCU to play in the championship game,” Benson said. “But we’ve also proven that it’s a lot easier to get to No. 4 than it is to get to No. 2.”

At this point, Benson better be comfortable with that system, too, as it likely won’t change anytime in the foreseeable — or distant — future.