Dungy says he’s ‘kinda glad’ Michigan didn’t call


As jobs began to pop open across the country a couple of months ago, Tony Dungy‘s name was attached to at least a couple of them, particularly his alma mater Minnesota.

Dungy, two seasons removed from his last coaching stint with the Indianapolis Colts, politely declined overtures with what’s become his mantra whenever his name is attached to an opening — he’s simply not interested in getting back into coaching.

However, there does appear to be one job that could pique his interest.  And, seeing as it’s still available, maybe would if somebody were to pick up the phone and call.  Or not.

Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show Friday morning, Dungy was asked by, oddly enough, Dan Patrick if Michigan had called him about their vacancy.  The response from Dungy, a native of the state, was interesting to say the least.

“They did not.  And I’m kinda glad,” NBC’s Football Night in America analyst said. “I grew up about 20 miles from there and my dad is a big, big Michigan man.  But, I’m glad they didn’t call me.”

To quote the esteemed Lloyd Christmas, so you’re telling me there’s a chance Coach Dungy?  Actually, no there’s not as Patrick’s follow-up question led back to Dungy’s stance every other time his name has been connected to a vacancy.

“If they call, I would have some recommendations for them for some other guys that I think would do a great job for them,” Dungy said when asked what would happen if Michigan were to call, then later added, “I’m done coaching Dan.  I don’t even think I’d listen beyond the fact of saying ‘wow’ I’m turning down a lot of money.”

As far as we can tell, Dungy’s name was never on the radar for the Wolverines job.  And, it appears, that’s exactly the way it will remain.