Investigation ongoing, Fiesta Bowl prepares for the worst


The results from an internal investigation covering the political and financial dealings of the Fiesta Bowl could be revealed as early as next week, and the results do not appear to be promising.

According to an Associated Press report, the investigation “is the culmination of a probe by a three-member panel that includes two Fiesta Bowl board members and a retired Arizona Supreme Court justice.” The article also states that the internal investigation is separate from a state attorney probe into possible criminal violations involving political contributions by Fiesta Bowl employees.

However, both investigations involve Fiesta Bowl employees financially endorsing state political figures and then being reimbursed by the bowl. As a non-profit organization, that would be a serious legal no-no. Because of its contract with the BCS, the Fiesta Bowl will remain a BCS game — regardless of the outcome of the investigation — for another three years.

A month ago, Fiesta Bowl CEO and President John Junker (great name) was placed on indefinite administrative leave.