Warren Sapp’s unmentionables wadded up over Golden ‘snub’


Despite the fact that he’s yet to coach a game at Miami — and the fact that his hiring back in December wasn’t exactly warmly received by some/many — Al Golden has slowly begun ingratiating himself with members of Hurricane Nation, particularly the former greats who have come through the school.

Golden has made it a point to embrace the history and the tradition of the football program he took over following the firing of Randy Shannon, with several players applauding the tack he’s taken to reach out to them.  One of those former players, however, isn’t Warren Sapp.

The ex-Hurricanes defensive lineman was highly critical of Golden’s hiring when it was first announced late last year, and that opinion hasn’t changed.  Sapp took the radio airwaves last week, and whined talked about what he perceived to be a snub by Golden during Miami’s most recent Pro Day.

“I stood in that locker room two hours on Pro Day and the head coach didn’t come down and say hello or nothing,” Sapp said by way of the Miami Herald. “Let’s stop talking about this Al Golden reaching out and telling everyone is welcome. It’s bull.”

Why the utter nerve and gall of that Golden character.  How dare he not drop to his knees and kiss the feet of Warren the Great.  Who the hell does he think he is?

If nothing more, this latest hissy fit has left me rooting even harder for Golden to turn that program around.