BCS director Bill Hancock feeling, well, cocky after DOJ meeting


Okay, technically Bill Hancock‘s direct quote was “confident”, but I couldn’t very well let that play on words/double entendre go unwritten, could I?

But “cocky”, “confident” — whatever you want to call it — that’s how Hancock apparently felt before and after his meeting with Department of Justice today about the future of the BCS, and possibly college football’s postseason.

As you’ll recall, and after some finger pointing by the NCAA, the DOJ asked to meet with Hancock and the BCS earlier this month so they could give a “voluntary background briefing on how the BCS operates”.

The DOJ previously asked the NCAA why there was no playoff in the Division I FBS (besides the obvious answer that the “B” stands for “bowl”) in May.

The BCS complied (obviously), and Hancock spent about 90 minutes today explaining just how compliant the BCS is when it comes to operating within antitrust laws. Businessofcollegesports.com does a really good job of showing why Hancock feels the way he does.

Below are Hancock’s post-meeting comments:

“I went into it confident that the BCS complies with the law, and I left the meeting even more confident,” Hancock said. “. . . They asked good questions. They asked how the BCS operates and talked about access and finances. I gave them some history.

“We had an opportunity to explain what we do and why it doesn’t pose any antitrust concerns. Obviously, the next step will be up to them.”

It might also depend on how powerful of a case Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has if/when he decides to follow through with his plan to pursue litigation against the BCS.

(Special thanks to USA Today for the quotes)