One of Slive’s four proposals among many issues on NCAA D1 legislative agenda


At least one point of SEC commissioner Mike Slive‘s four-pronged national agenda for change are included in the 55 legislative recommendations spanning multiple conferences that the NCAA’s Division I Legislative Council will review and comment on this fall.

Slive, who began SEC Media Days with a 20-plus-minute introduction on the state of college football, outlined four proposals to help modernize the sport, while adhering to its amateur status.

They were: covering full cost of attendance and granting multi-year scholarships, strengthen academic guidelines, modernization of recruiting rules and streamline the NCAA rulebook.

The NCAA will consider the SEC’s desire to limit the number of signees in each recruiting class to 25 from its current 28-LOI limit. Slive previously proposed the oversigning legislation, which SEC presidents and chancellors unanimously voted in favor of passing.

The SEC is also requesting that a ban be placed on institutions hosting non-scholastic football events (i.e., 7-on-7 football events) at any venue, which plays into Slive’s third-prong of his four-pronged plan.

The potential rule reads as follows:

The SEC wants to prohibit institutions from hosting non-scholastic football events (for example, 7-on-7 football events) at any venue. “Rather than continue to support the further proliferation of these non-scholastic events, it is now appropriate to enact on a ban on institutional involvement in any way with non-scholastic football events,” the league says. “This proposal enacts such a ban, while still permitting regular- and postseason scholastic events to be played on campus as permitted under NCAA rules.”

Other Division 1, football-related proposals include:

  • The Big East Conference wants to amend legislation adopted in April requiring football players to complete nine credit hours during the fall term or else not be eligible for the first four games the following season. The Big East is proposing an exception for teams with an Academic Progress Rate of at least 965 on the first day of classes.
  • The Sun Belt wants to exempt the contests in an invitational football competition for institutions whose conferences do not sponsor a conference championship game. The conference claims that leagues with fewer than 12 teams (the minimum required for the league to conduct a postseason championship game) are at a revenue disadvantage and should be allowed to participate in an invitational football event. According to the proposal, “Conferences with 12 members would be permitted to choose between a conference championship game and participation in this invitational competition.”

A release of all 55 proposals will be made public on Aug. 15th.