Police report: witness ID’s Jefferson as kicker


The very strange off-the-field incident connecting four LSU players with a bar brawl late last week continues to take daily twists as Baton Rouge police investigate the incident.

The latest twist, however, does not bode well for LSU or their quarterback, Jordan Jefferson.

Sunday evening, we noted that witnesses to the brawl told WAFB-TV that Jefferson had kicked one of the victims in the head, although BRPD were unable to confirm that claim. However, a police report from the BRPD released earlier today has reinforced those eye witness accounts.

According to the report, a woman by the name of Victoria Long, 19, said she “knows for certain” that she witnessed Jefferson kicking a man in the face during the brawl. That man has been identified by witnesses as Andrew Lowery.

Lowery and Long have given similar accounts to the incident, which involved multiple LSU players allegedly pulling a victim out of a black pickup truck. Lowery and Long claim that Lowery tried to intervene and was beaten and kicked in the face for doing so.

Police have interviewed the four LSU players in question — Jefferson, offensive tackle Chris Davenport, linebacker Josh Johns and wide receiver Jarvis Landryalthough no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.

Yesterday, though, BR police executed a search in Jefferson’s apartment and confiscated 49 pairs of shoes that could link the quarterback to the various injuries sustained by Lowery, whether by footprints on the bottom of the shoe, or DNA from blood stains.

It should be stated, though, that police are still gathering information and no one has been accused of anything yet. Additionally, the Baton Rouge Advocate has a not-so-flattering depiction of Lowery that includes a restraining order his ex-girlfriend has placed on him for stalking her and striking a friend of her’s.

This is still a developing story, so stay tuned.