Auburn’s eagle Spirit plays luxury box window to a draw



That was the pregame sound heard throughout Jordan-Hare Stadium Saturday, which proved to be a precursor to the hard-hitting action on the field that was to follow.

During the festivities prior to the start of the Auburn-Mississippi State game, AU eagle Spirit (pictured, soaring) was doing his regularly scheduled flight into the stadium to the roars of a frenzied crowd.  As he was in midflight, and perhaps due to a mechanical failure — we’re certain the FAA will investigate the exact cause — Spirit suddenly veered off-course and straight toward a luxury box.  And then straight into the luxury box window.

Ever the showman, Spirit continued his pregame ritual — even buzzing the crowd after his run-in with the pane of glass — before landing at midfield, taking a bow as if nothing had happened.

For those curious, the collision occurs at around the :12 second mark of the clip below.

It should be noted that Spirit is completely fine and suffered no reported injuries, although the luxury box will be sidelined for at least a week with a concussion.

(Tip O’ the Cap: the War Eagle Reader)