Sandusky: ‘Horsed around with kids I have showered… hugged them… without intent of sexual contact’


Jerry Sandusky had not granted any extensive interviews since being charged with 40 counts of the the sexual abuse of children Nov. 4.  Based on the content of the “message” he will try to get out Monday night, the alleged pedophile should’ve kept it that way.

In an exclusive phone interview with NBC SportsBob Costas, Sandusky once again proclaimed his innocence, although in doing so likely damned himself in the court of public opinion even more than he was already.

When asked by Costas if he was a pedophile, Sandusky gave the expected response: “no”.  Then, when asked about the shower allegations contained in the grand jury’s indictment of him for sexually abusing at least eight children, Sandusky gave an answer that allows viewers a revolting peek inside the mind of what appears to be a disturbed, sick, twisted “man”.

“I could say that I have done some of those things. I have horsed around with kids I have showered [with] after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact,” Sandusky told Costas.

So, in Sandusky’s warped view of the world, it’s OK for a naked 50-some-year-old man to shower with an equally naked boy, to hug them, to touch their legs?  And that’s without even mentioning the fact that he was showering alone with at least one his alleged victims in the first place.

Sandusky did concede, though, that he “shouldn’t have showered with those kids.”

Gee, ya think?!?

Again, Costas’ interview with Sandusky will air in its entirety at 10 p.m. ET tonight on your local NBC affiliate.