New Orleans PD issues alert for individual in BCS assault video


The New Orleans Police Department has issued an alert in an attempt to find the man who assaulted a passed out LSU fan after the BCS championship game on Jan. 9.

The alert gives the time and place of the incident which was captured via cell phone and eventually uploaded to YouTube, as well as a description of the Alabama fan in question.

“White male, approximately 5’7″ to 5’11” (height), medium build, unshaven facial hair, wearing a University of Alabama jacket, white shirt,” the description reads.

A New Orleans PD spokesperson said a complete investigation would commence when someone came forward with a complaint. To this point, there is still no investigation of the incident.

“In sexual assault cases, victims make the ultimate decision to inform police so that we can thoroughly investigate a situation.Should that person in this video decide to come to us, we will launch a complete investigation,” said NOPD spokesperson Remi Braden.

The head of the NOPD Sex Crimes Unit was reportedly aware of the video and had reviewed it.

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